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Unilever Australia Site Safety

The following is provided to meet Process Safety Stakeholder Outreach requirements.

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Globally, Unilever is committed to providing healthy, safe working conditions and to comply with all applicable legislation and regulations.

Our aim is to prevent and eliminate personal injury and illness and promote good health for everyone in the organisation to safeguard the wellbeing of those working on, visiting, and living near our operations.

The safety and environmental standards have been reviewed by SafeWork NSW, NSW Environment and Protection Authority (EPA), and is regularly audited by Unilever Global Experts to ensure that they meet the high standards for a site operating under the regulations.

Managers at all levels are responsible and accountable for the work health and safety of their staff and others under their control, as well as themselves.

Unilever Minto

The Unilever site in Minto has a rigorous process safety management system that is monitored at a global level to ensure our systems are designed to safeguard our employees, environment, and community at large.

A Risk Assessment of the site has been conducted and will be conducted on an ongoing five yearly basis to ensure that all reasonable risks that may give rise to emergency situations affecting the premises or personnel in or around the premises are considered.

In the highly unlikely event of an incident occurring, we are well equipped and prepared to keep it from affecting our employees, environment and surrounding community.

Minto has systems in place to address planning, management and control of emergency situations. Our emergency response plan has been carefully prepared in conjunction with NSW Fire and Rescue, Unilever Standards and Australian Standards and is subject to regular tests and drills.

The following substances are used on site:

Ammonia is used on site as the primary refrigerant material and may be located either in bulk storage, refrigeration compressors and associated pipework throughout the facility. Refrigeration is an essential part of producing ice cream and Ammonia is the most trusted and commonplace refrigerant since the 19th century for large systems. It also has zero global warming potential which is an exception for most refrigerants.

Ammonia exists as a colourless gas at atmospheric pressure but can be released as a liquid when under pressured. Ammonia is dual classified as a Class 2.3, toxic gas and Class 8, corrosive substance under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. Inhalation can result in irritation to severe respiratory injuries, with possible fatality at higher concentrations. Skin contact may cause chemical burns. It may result in significant collateral damage such as product loss due to Ammonia contamination and product loss due to refrigeration interruption.

Liquid Nitrogen is also used on site to ‘snap freeze’ manufactured foodstuffs. The hazards of liquid nitrogen include asphyxiation due to displacement of oxgen.

Liquid Oxygen is used on site as part of the environmental management systems. The hazard of liquid oxygen is it may cause combusition without the need for an ignition source.

A variety of Acid and Alkaline materials are used on site for the purpose of cleaning and water treatment.They may be harmful if swallowed and may be corrosive to metals.

The Minto factory is protected by smoke detectors, oxygen and ammonia sensors and emergency alarms. The Office building is protected by a sprinkler system. Upon activation of any of these devices, the emergency siren will activate throughout the building. The NSW Fire Brigade will automatically be contacted via the Main Fire Indicator Panel.

Site Contacts: Should you have any further question, or concerns, please contact Security on (02) 9 820 0201 and they can direct your questions or concerns to the relevant person on site.

Unilever North Rocks

Unilever has been manufacturing on the North Rocks Road site since 1969, employing over 100 people within the manufacturing operations.

The North Rocks site is a high hazard manufacturing site (in accordance with Unilever Global Standards) due to the bulk storage of alcohol and un-odorised LPG, which is used in the production of aerosol deodorants.

Unilever North Rocks has extensive control measures in place to prevent a major accident such as a fire or explosion. These control measures are regularly tested and maintained to ensure they are in good working order.

The site has an emergency plan in place to respond to incidents on the site itself and incidents that may affect our neighbours. This plan has been shared with NSW Fire and Rescue Service and is subject to regular tests.

In the event that an incident occurs that may affect our neighbours near the site, the Unilever site will be evacuated, and NSW Emergency Services will attend. In the unlikely event neighbouring properties will need to be evacuated, this will be undertaken by NSW Police.

North Rocks Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PDF 84.2 KB)

Site Contacts: Should you have any further question, or concerns, please contact Security on 0401 063 615 and they can direct your questions or concerns to the relevant person on site.

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