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Love comes in all flavours

Driving action for social justice and creating positive change.

Marriage Equality

Ben and Jerry's, in partnership with Australian Marriage Equality (AME), mobilised Australians and rallied in support of marriage equality in the lead up to the 2017 postal survey on marriage equality.

Throughout its 35-year history, Ben and Jerry's has supported equal rights for all people. Social causes are at the heart of the Ben and Jerry’s business and we continue to push for all citizens around the world to be able to live their lives without fear of discrimination.

In 1989, Ben and Jerry's was one of the first major employers in their home state of Vermont to offer benefits to the domestic partners of their employees – including same-sex couples. In Australia, Ben and Jerry’s have been rallying support for marriage equality since 2013, with their I Dough, I Dough flavour and a number of campaigns over the years.

In 2017 Ben and Jerry's banned two of the same flavoured scoops in all scoop stores until marriage equality came into effect in Australia. No marriage equality meant no same flavour scoops, because love comes in all flavours. The campaign was highly successful with a 1.5 billion global audience reach and media attention both nationally and internationally – all helping raise awareness and support for marriage equality.

Australia voted YES

The postal survey asked Australians the question: "Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?" The survey returned a resounding YES vote, with 61.6% of voters in support of marriage equality. Off the back of the announcement, the marriage equality bill was passed, legalising same-sex marriage and proving that values-led business can be a huge catalyst in driving action for social justice in society and creating positive change.

Imogen Rugg, Marketing Lead Ben and Jerry’s Australia & New Zealand was thrilled with the result:

“We were scooper happy to be able to join thousands of Australians in the campaign for marriage equality. Ben & Jerry’s has a long history of believing that love comes in all flavours and the resounding result from Australia is a momentous result.”

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