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Responsible business

Reporting Centre
Person typing on a laptop

Future of Work

We see meaningful work as everyone’s right. We’re taking big steps to equip our own people and others for the future.

Fruit and vegetables laid out on chopping board

Positive Nutrition

Everyone deserves access to good food. We’re working to create a healthier, more sustainable global food system.

Group of women laughing

Health and wellbeing

Health inequalities and social exclusion have no place in the world. We’re using our brands to make a difference.

Unilever employee holding can of Lynx deodorant in factory

Equity, diversity and inclusion

We want to see a society where everyone is treated equally. We're working to create a fairer, more socially inclusive world.

Flat lay of food

Food Waste

We're working for a future where zero food is wasted.

Building windows

Unilever Australia Tax Report

The tax we pay is an important part of our wider economic and social impact and plays a key role in the development of the countries we operate in.

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