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Positive nutrition

Everyone deserves access to good food. We’re working to create a healthier, more sustainable global food system.

Fruit and vegetables laid out on chopping board

The world’s food system is broken. We’re helping to fix it. Future Foods is our plan to help people transition towards healthier diets and reduce the environmental impact of the food chain. We’ve committed to:

  • €1.5 billion annual sales per annum by 2025 from plant-based products in categories whose products are traditionally using animal-derived ingredients
  • Double the number of products sold that deliver positive nutrition by 2025
  • 95% of packaged ice cream to contain no more than 250 kcal per serving and 22g total sugar per serving by 2025
  • 85% of our portfolio to meet Unilever’s Science based Nutrition criteria by 2028

Learn more about our global strategy and goals here and check out the progress we’ve made in Australia and New Zealand below.

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