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Future of work

We see meaningful work as everyone’s right. We’re taking big steps to equip our own people and others for the future.

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As the world changes, the way we all work changes.

Automation and new technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, are reshaping many roles in business. Adapting to these changes at pace is critical for both people and the companies they work for.

The future of work must put people first. We’re committed to helping people stay fit for work – now and in the future.

To do this, we’re focusing on three main things: equipping our people for the future of work, pioneering new flexible employment options, and partnering with others to create jobs and skills for young people outside of Unilever.

Learn more about our global Future of work strategy and goals here and check out what we’re doing locally below.

Normalising flexible working

To reimagine the future of work, we must start by mobilising the best of human capabilities, technologies, innovative policies, and market forces. In 2016, we announced ‘all roles flex’ enabling our people to balance their personal commitments and work in a way that meets both their needs and the needs of the business. We’ve also unlocked job share opportunities across our business, allowing our people to balance personal commitments or their own businesses alongside their career at Unilever.

Reimagining the future of work is not just a moral responsibility, there is also a strong business case. Since embracing a flexible working culture, we've seen increased engagement and productivity, greater retention and fewer sick days, resulting in significant cost savings for our business.

Trialling a 4-day work week

We have always strived to be at the forefront of creating a dynamic workplace. We want to be bold. We want to experiment. And we want to learn so we can adapt even further. It’s all about taking best practice and creating the Next Practice, future-fit for the Next Normal.

That’s why our New Zealand team is trialling a four-day work week trial which sees employees retain 100% of their salaries, and deliver 100% of outputs, whilst working 80% of the time. Our goal is to measure performance on output, not time, while simultaneously maintaining our competitive edge, increasing productivity, and improving wellbeing. We will wait until the end of the trial before drawing observations or making decisions about ongoing roll out.