It is key to growing our business and protecting the health and wellbeing of our people. In Australia, we are working hard on our ‘Vision Zero’ safety strategy and embedding a safety-first mindset across our business to reduce workplace injuries and accidents.

Safety at our Australian manufacturing sites

Some employees from the Australian factory winning the Unilever Global Safety award

Safety is paramount for our employees across all of our manufacturing sites. In 2014 and again in 2017, our deodorants factory in North Rocks, Sydney, maintained an unprecedented score of 100% in our Unilever Red Book safety audit, which measures our compliance against best-practice safety standards in the aerosol industry.

In recognition of their diligent safety standards, our North Rocks factory was named the winner of Unilever’s Global Premier Safety Award in 2016, recognising the site’s world-leading commitment and actions to embed a strong safety culture based on ‘Zero Injuries and Zero Complacency.’

These tremendous achievements are a testament to the whole North Rocks team and also the strong leadership of Supply Unit Director, Tung Dang and Engineering Lead, David Durnan. As Tung explains, ‘every member of the team has played a key part in our success and making sure that our people arrive, work and go home safely to their family and friends at the end of each day. We are very proud to be recognised as pioneers for manufacturing safety, but we know there is always more to do to maintain our high standards and achieve our safety vision’.

We’re prioritising safety of all kinds

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Our company-wide ‘Motor On, Mobile Off’ policy prohibits business related mobile phone use while driving in a motor vehicle and has been in place since 2015.

We’re also looking after the wellbeing of our employees with flexible working, mental health policies and purpose workshops

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