Unilever Australia & New Zealand to introduce Health Star Rating

With a long history of providing consumers with clear nutrition information and supporting the use of industry-wide interpretive front-of-pack logos, Unilever Australia and New Zealand has confirmed it will begin progressively implementing the voluntary Health Star Rating (HSR) recently introduced by Australian and New Zealand Food Ministers.

Unilever is pleased the HSR will complement two well established systems, the Daily Intake Guide (DIG), which already appears across the majority of our food and refreshment portfolio and the Heart Foundation Tick, which is carried by 59 Unilever products that meet the Heart Foundation’s strict nutrition criteria. We are currently reviewing the best way to integrate the HSR with existing on-pack information.

We also believe it is important for the HSR to recognise the role of healthy fats in the diet in order to help consumers make healthier choices, in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We are actively working with the Advisory Committee to address this prior to implementing the HSR on our spreads portfolio.

Unilever’s Commitment to Nutrition and Health

Health and wellbeing has always been a key focus for Unilever. In Australia and New Zealand we have been working to enhance the nutritional profile of our food and beverage products since the 1990’s.

Unilever was one of the first companies to take global action to address nutrients of public health concern through the introduction of our Nutrition Enhancement Programme in 2003. This was followed by the launch of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan in 2010 which has a goal to take action to improve the health and well-being of a billion people worldwide. The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan announced a set of time-bound reformulation targets to continue our focus on reducing salt levels, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar levels and calories across our portfolio of food and beverage products.

In 2013 we sharpened our nutrition standards further to enable us to impact more of our portfolio and make great-tasting food which also makes a positive contribution to a healthy diet. For more information on our approach, nutrition targets and progress to date please visit:


Aneta Ilievska: Communications Manager

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