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Wanted: leaders with ‘female’ qualities

To address today’s global challenges, we need a new way of leading. One that is more inclusive, where women and men have an equal share in positions of leadership.

We take radical step on palm oil supply chain transparency

This week, Unilever became the first consumer goods company to publicly disclose the suppliers and mills we source from, both directly and indirectly. This marks a major milestone in our continued drive for a more sustainable palm oil industry.

Five steps to reduce food loss and waste

Did you know that one-third of all food produced each year is never eaten, while at the same time nearly 800 million people go hungry? Liz Goodwin of the World Resources Institute explores what can be done about food loss and waste.

Why forests hold the key to halting irreversible climate change

Over the past two weeks, nations have been meeting at the UN’s Climate Change negotiations (COP23) in Bonn, Germany, to drive action on tackling climate change. One important talking point has been the hugely damaging impact of deforestation. We asked Hannah Hislop, our Global Advocacy & Partnerships Manager, about the issue and what must be done.

How supporting independent palm oil farmers helps

Supporting independent palm oil farmers will have a big impact on deforestation. As one of the world’s largest palm oil end users, we’re committed to ensuring our ingredients don’t come at the expense of the environment or people.

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