Recycle your deodorant aerosol cans

We’ve teamed up with Planet Ark to help increase recycling rates of our Deodorants brands.

Recycle your deodorant cans

recycling aerosols

The partnership will ultimately help us to better understand and address some of the barriers that up until now have resulted in fairly low recycling rates for aerosol products.

In Australia and New Zealand, we use 250 million aerosol cans each year, more than half of which end up as landfill. Although 8 out of 10 people recycle when possible, only 4 in 10 realise they can actually recycle aerosol cans.

All of our new deodorant aerosol packs feature the recycling logo.

As part of the last National Recycling Week, we invested in a national education campaign across print, outdoor and digital to ensure people know it’s perfectly safe to recycle deodorant cans in their regular household recycling bin.

Now that you know aerosols can be recycled, remember to do your part and make sure you put your empty deodorant cans in the right bin – the recycling bin!

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