Soup up your life

Reward yourself with soup.

Comfort all year round

A woman preparing a Knorr soup

From bouillabaisse to borscht, miso to minestrone, gumbo to gazpacho: Soup has a reputation for making people feel better. Especially when it’s cold there’s nothing more warming than soup, heating you from the inside. It’s also a good way of getting fluids in winter, when we still need liquids but may feel less inclined to drink plenty of water.

Relax with soup

Getting enough rest and avoiding stressful situations can give your body the chance to take a break. So it’s also important to take time over meals and eat slowly to allow the digestive system to work more effectively.

Stay hydrated

Soup can also help make sure you don’t dehydrate. The daily fluid requirement from both food and fluid recommended by the World Health Organization for adults is 2-2.5 litres. We get about 75% of that from beverages and 25% from food. So as a liquid food - soup can be a good way to increase your fluid intake.

Not only for winter

Soup is ideal for warmer days too. Think of gazpacho, the soup that’s traditionally served chilled. Packed with fresh, raw vegetables it’s like a salad you can drink.

Soup can help you manage your weight

Many soups have a low energy density, so eating them as part of a healthy diet can help you manage your weight. Including soup as a first course is a satisfying way to start your meal. Need a boost in the afternoon? Instead of choosing high fat, sugary foods with all those extra calories, why not prepare a more nourishing, lower calorie soup within seconds?

Soup up with Continental

So reward yourself with a home-made soup, based on Continental stock and your favourite meat, carbs and vegetables. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can always combine your own ingredients with a Continental classic simmer soup or try one our low fat Cup-a-Soups. Add some zing with finely chopped or grated vegetables and a sprinkling of fresh herbs. Serve with a slice of wholegrain bread and you have a nourishing meal.

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