How to clean the interior of your washing machine

If you need to clean the interior of your washing machine try the following technique.

Suggested method

Washing machine

Select the hottest wash available to you. Add 1 to 2 scoops of Omo Ultimate or Persil Ultimate laundry detergent depending on the size of your machine and the water hardness in your area. When the wash cycle is complete, before the water drains out, stop the machine and allow the solution to stand in the machine for about 1 hour.

Repeat step 2 (i.e. the wash cycle) twice before allowing the machine to continue through to the end of the program.

Remember to also clean the detergent dispenser. (Do not use scouring cleaners as they can damage the plastic.) Use warm soapy water or a little JIf on a damp cloth, rinse, then wipe dry.

Ways to prevent the interior of a machine becoming dirty

There are a few things you can try to prevent the interior of your washing machine becoming dirty. It is necessary, particularly in hard and/or discoloured water areas, to use the correct amount of detergent product as directed on pack.

If you use cold water or fabric softener, we recommend that a warm or hot wash be used at regular intervals. This helps to keep the machine interior clean. (Warm or hot water used in every 5th wash should be sufficient.)

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