Children living with sensitive skin in New Zealand

Have the confidence to allow your children to get dirty, which is an essential way for a child to experience life, knowing that products like Persil Sensitive are here to help.

Did you know?

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New Zealand has one of the highest incidences of asthma and allergies in the world. Getting dirty is an essential way for a child to experience life and to aid in learning and development. Whether it is a baby making a mess of breakfast or a toddler cutting shapes and painting murals, children don’t worry about being grubby when there is something to learn.

Coping with the clean up

A baby’s first year is full of many ‘first’ and vital learning experiences that shape development. From crawling to taking their first bite of solids, baby is learning independence. Meal times especially can be a messy business!

Coping with the clean up can be difficult if you have a child with sensitive skin. Look for products like Persil Sensitive that are dermatologically tested and free of potential irritants like dyes and perfumes which could trigger sensitive allergy prone skin. Use Persil Sensitive regularly to wash clothing, bedding and even soft toys. Then dry in direct sunlight to remove common triggers such as dust mites and pet allergies.

Clean your whole family’s clothes in three easy steps.

  • Step one: Soak in life!
  • Step two: Soak stained clothes in Persil Sensitive for at least 30 minutes.
  • Step three: Add soaked clothes to the washing machine with the rest of your load and wash as usual.
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