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‘Watch Me Move’: Degree calls for inclusion in fitness


Fear of judgment stops too many people from being active. The deo brand is advocating for change

Equality For All

Over 1 billion people globally (15% of the world’s population) currently live with some form of disability. Yet, no matter where you look, people with disabilities lack representation. It’s not just the disabled community that society overlooks when it comes to movement. People face judgment and discrimination for many different reasons, including race, gender, age or perceived ability.

Recent research from Degree and Sure – also sold as Shield and Rexona around the world – shows that fear of judgment stops 46% people from being active. But the brand believes everyone should have the confidence to move. Now, through their new campaign, Degree and Sure are celebrating incredible athletic talent that’s at risk of being overlooked.

Degree and Sure recognise that society fuels self-doubt by offering a very narrow view of what an athlete or ‘mover’ should be. The result is that for people who don’t meet this idealised notion, finding sources of inspiration that look like them can be a struggle. Without representation, they are subject to being judged and stared at for their differences, rather than being acknowledged for their capabilities.

Real people, real stories

Degree and Sure want to change this damaging pattern – and their ‘Watch Me Move’ films – now online and onscreen in the UK and US – are designed to get audiences around the world thinking differently.

Featuring eight authentic and personal stories from people including pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton and Manchester City’s Sean Jackson, who have faced judgment for breaking stereotypes about what a ‘mover’ looks like, the film celebrates those who have defied society’s ability standards.

They share their inspirational stories, with the aim of giving confidence to anyone who wants to get moving, regardless of who might be watching. And the films were inclusive behind the camera too, shot by a diverse group of content creators.

Watch Me Move - Disabled climber for Degree

The power of movement to transform lives

“At Degree we believe in the power of movement to transform lives and that everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, mental and social benefits movement brings. As the world’s No.1 antiperspirant and deodorant brand, we are proud to make products that keep millions of people staying fresh while on the move – but are committed to going further, ensuring everyone has the freedom to move without fear of judgment,” says Kathryn Swallow, Global Brand VP, Degree.

“Confidence is not distributed equally. Societal ability standards are fuelling self-doubt that stops so many of us from moving freely. Our goal is to broaden society’s definition of what a ‘mover’ looks like. By giving those who do not meet society’s expectations a platform to be seen, we are able to inspire others with the confidence to move beyond their limits – whoever you are, however you move,” Kathryn adds.

This latest campaign forms part of Degree and Sure’s Breaking Limits programme – a long-term commitment to empowering people with the confidence and opportunity to move more. Breaking Limits focuses on supporting young people from marginalised communities in the US and UK and equipping them with critical life skills such as confidence, teamwork and resilience.

The campaign also supports Unilever’s broader Unstereotype mission which aims to create marketing that will help influence the next generation to be free from prejudice. By making sure we meet the needs of people with different abilities, we believe that our brands can be at the forefront of shaping a fairer and more inclusive world.

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