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Unilever New Zealand is now Rainbow Tick certified


We encourage our people to bring their best authentic self to work every day

Rainbow Tick

A supportive and inclusive work environment

Rainbow Tick are awarded to organisations that complete a Diversity and Inclusion certification process. As part of this process Rainbow Tick sensitively evaluates an organisation’s level of LGBTI+ inclusion and, where there are deficiencies, make evidence-based recommendations for change.

The evaluation is carried out through two methods of data collection. One is against a set of criteria contained in an evaluation tool looking at the internal policies, and the other was hosting a focus group from within the New Zealand workplace, to discuss their impressions of the workplace as it relates to diversity and inclusion and showcase any internal activities in support of the LGBTI+ community such as our Pride Month support and Wear it Purple Day. The certification is in recognition of the workplace understanding, valuing and welcoming sexual and gender diversity.

At Unilever we believe in the importance of workplace diversity and we are focused on providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identification. Our newly achieved Rainbow Tick helps us to support our goal to enable all employees to bring their best authentic self to work every day.

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Physical, mental, emotional and purposeful wellbeing for our people

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