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Parent's Club


This week we welcomed some very fresh young faces to the Unilever head office for our Quarterly Parent's Club.

Parents Club

Parent’s club is a great opportunity for new parents to connect with their colleagues and each other while they are on leave, swap notes and stay up to date with what is happening across the business. Our CEO, Clive Stiff, gave a brief update on the latest news and Senior Nutritionist Brooke Sprott and Continental Chef Julie Bayliss were also on hand to answer questions and share expert advice on how to create a balanced diet for kids of all ages, including tips on incorporating more veggies into meals and snacks.

Meeting the beautiful babies and children was a highlight for everyone who attended and a great reminder of why we must continue on our journey to create a bright future for this generation and those yet to come.

At Unilever we have a number of initiatives to support new parents in our business, from helping both employees and their line managers successfully manage the transition to parenthood to equipping them with the tools to return to work and balance their family commitments – including a number of flexible and agile working options.

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