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What it's like working here

At Unilever you can shape your own path as you work with the brands and people that drive our sustainable business growth

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Steve Miles, Global Senior Vice President, Dove

Unilever is passionate about diversity. I think we have to remember that that means not just gender diversity or racial diversity, but diversity of different types of people and thinking.

And I think particularly in this area of Crafting Brands for Life where you’re trying to mix logic with a load of magic and we don’t quite know what that magic looks like, we need this tolerance, this diversity in personality types and the approaches people bring to it. Because that’s how we’ll get the good stuff out.

Amalia Chondromatidou, Global Cateogry Director, Food Solutions

"It is a company that fosters the growth mindset and actually provides employees with the energy and enthusiasm to make it happen. It is a company in which you can really contribute and grow and it’s a company that you can have fun in."

Our culture

Our culture promotes respect. Respect among each other, but also respect to those outside Unilever and for our environment. Because our people are fundamental to the way we do business, they’re at the centre of everything we do. Their professional fulfilment, their work/life balance, their ability to contribute equally as part of a diverse workforce, are issues to which we give priority.

We grow as a company by growing our people. This insight is behind all our efforts to keep our people fulfilled and committed. It’s also why we stay connected with – and connect together – our employees around the world, conducting surveys and ‘pulse checks’ which then feed into the future direction of our business.

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