Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day! Comfort is here to help with the Comfort range: 4 Conditioning Benefits in 1, Pure and Fragrance Collection. Fabric Conditioners condition, care and refresh your clothes overall look and feel. Whereas laundry products ‘take out’ the dirt from your clothes. Fabric Conditioners like Comfort ‘add back’ to your clothes, helping to make them more delightful to wear.

Boost Your Clothes with Comfort’s 4 in 1 Benefits

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Your clothes have powers. Boost them with Comfort's 4 in 1 Benefits. The four conditioning benefits of Comfort Fabric Conditioner range include epic fragrance, luxurious softness, super smooth and next level dazzling.

Epi Freshness: We know how important fragrance is to you. That’s why Comfort have worked with perfume experts to create a range of long-lasting fragrances which will leave your clothes smelling fresh all-day long.

Luxurious Softness: Smoothing the fibres in your fabrics with fabric conditioner prevents stiffness and makes your clothes, towels and bedsheets soft and gentle to touch.

Super Smooth: The benefit of Easy Iron is great for busy family life! Using Fabric Conditioner means your clothes don’t crease as much in the wash and will be less wrinkled when they dry. Fabric conditioner also improves the way an iron glides across the material making ironing a delight.

Next level dazzling: The weather, clothes dryers and synthetic fibres can all contribute to an increase in the electrostatic charge of fabric, which causes surfaces to attract and stick to each other. You can avoid this by using Comfort, which moisturises the fabric so that static won't build up so easily.

Comfort Fabric Conditioner: Pure


Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, leaving clothes kind next to your family's skin. Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner is also endorsed by the Eczema Association of Australasia. Comfort Fabric Conditioner range is recommended by leading machine manufacturers.

Comfort Fabric Conditioner: Fragrance Collection


Our Comfort Fragrance Collection has been created by a world-renowned fragrance houses and Comfort’s natural fragrance oils give your clothes an exquisite luxurious all-day fragrance. By using Comfort Fragrance Collection in every wash leaves with a sumptuous fragrance that lasts all day. Comfort Fabric Conditioner range is recommended by leading machine manufacturers.

Comfort Fabric Conditioners

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