At Unilever Food Solutions our professional ingredients deliver Inspiration to chefs by helping to save precious prep time without compromising on flavour or flair.

Successful partners

The Unilever Foodsolutions umbrella is home to internationally savoured brands like Knorr, Lipton and Sir Thomas Lipton. This combined with local expertise will ensure we partner with you to help you succeed. At Unilever Food Solutions we can help you to delight your customers and grow your business by providing cost effective and innovative solutions while enhancing the quality of the food you serve.

Our vision is to become the 'best solution provider for our customers'. Our strength comes from deep customer knowledge, both 'global and local', culinary competence, technological expertise, efficient customer response and, above all, our dedicated team of people.

Knorr believes good food matters

A passion for good food goes right back to Knorr's earliest days. The business was formed in 1838, when founder Carl Heinrich Knorr pioneered experiments in drying seasonings and vegetables to preserve their flavour and nutritional value. Since then Knorr has become an international brand.

Our chefs

Knorr embodies a truly global cuisine, which began when the globe-trotting sons of its founder started importing new ideas from overseas. This same passion is evident today among young local chefs who often travel overseas to learn other cultures' traditional cooking styles and best-in-class techniques. They then return home to combine this knowledge with local Australasian influences and produce, a formidable combination!

Our brands

We proudly manufacture and market the following leading brands: Knorr, Hellmann’s, Continental Professional, Lipton, Choysa, Bushells and Carte D’OR to Foodservice venues across Australia and New Zealand.

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