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Flora spreads have 65% less saturated fat than butter and can be used for spreading, cooking and baking.

Flora spread

Flora spread is made from good oils, (sunflower & canola) and provides essential fatty acids. Flora is much lower in saturated fats than butter and virtually free of trans fats (less than 1%). So as part of a healthy diet, Flora can help keep your heart happy.

Flora Original

Flora Original contains the good oils (sunflower and canola) and combines that great Flora taste with essential fatty acids.

Flora Buttery

Flora Buttery will melt your heart. Churned with real Buttermilk, you'll fall in love with it's irresistible Buttery taste. And with 65% less saturated fat than butter there's now nothing between you and that rich buttery taste you love!

Flora Light

For those who love the great taste of Flora but would like to cut fat from their diet, Flora Light is for you.

Flora Salt Reduced

Get all the taste and benefits of Flora with 50% less salt than full salt spreads.

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