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Flora Pro-activ spread

Could one simple change in your diet help reduce your cholesterol absorption? Try Flora pro-activ spread which is enriched with plant sterols, substances that actively reduce cholesterol absorption. Simply spreading three to four slices of bread with Flora pro-activ daily can reduce your cholesterol absorption by 10% in three weeks. (On average, studies show consumption of 25g plant sterol enriched spreads a day decreases LDL cholesterol absorption by 10%.)

Flora Pro-activ buttery

Now you can help lower cholesterol absorption and still enjoy that great buttery taste with Flora pro.activ Buttery. It is churned with real buttermilk and can be used for baking, cooking or spreading.

Flora Pro-activ light

For those who love the benefits of Flora pro-activ and would like to reduce their fat intake, Flora pro-activ Light is for you. It has the same great Flora taste but with 50% less fat than butter or margarine.

Flora Pro-activ with olive oil

Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Flora pro-activ with Olive has all of the benefits of standard Flora pro-activ, namely reducing cholesterol absorption, and a great olive taste too.

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