At Continental we are passionate about food. Let Continental help and inspire you to create enjoyable, yet nutritious, easy meals and snacks every day.

Our ingredients

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Our Continental products are made with carefully selected ingredients. All of our vegetables, herbs and spices are grown in the field, ripened in the sun, and harvested in season – when they taste their best. Next, these ingredients are dried, which is the oldest known way of preserving food.

The Continental Sustainable Living Plan

At Continental, we’ve always prided ourselves on the quality of what we produce, from sourcing the best quality ingredients to putting passionate and talented chefs in our kitchens. Now we’re bringing this same passion for quality to our quest for sustainability, because food grown responsibly simply tastes better. This means reducing water consumption to produce our crops and protecting the environment and biodiversity in the areas surrounding our farms.

There are four key areas we want to focus on as part of our Sustainable Living Plan.

1. Sustainable food sourcing

Our big ambition is to ensure that ALL of our vegetables, meat, herbs and spices come from sustainable sources by 2020. To work towards this ultimate goal, we are starting with our major ingredients. By 2015 around the world, we aim to source our top 13 vegetables, herbs and spices from 100% sustainable sources.

Growing for the future program

In 2001, we launched our Growing for the Future program to develop a closer relationship with our farmers, to improve knowledge and equipment, and to help face the new challenge of sustainable agriculture together. As part of this program, farmers will be trained on sustainable sourcing practices. We use third party verification to monitor progress on 11 key indicators, like soil fertilisation and water usage.

2. Waste & landfill reduction

By 2020, we aim to reduce, by 50%, the waste to landfill ratio across all our products around the world*. We know this is an ambitious goal, but we’re determined to make it happen by reducing, reusing, improving and recycling packaging materials from our products.

3. Greenhouse gases

We also aim to reduce, by 50%, the greenhouse gas emissions of our products around the world by 2020*. We’ll achieve this through reductions across the lifecycle – from the sourcing of the raw materials through to the use and disposal of the product.

4. Food nutrition

By 2020, we will double the proportion of our products that meet the highest nutritional standards, based on globally recognised dietary guidelines. We’re already significantly reducing salt, saturated fat, and sugar, and removing trans fats from our products.

As a member of the Unilever family, we are proud to be part of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, which drives our 2020 ambitions and commitments. You can find out more about the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan here.

All for the love of flavour

We’re certainly taking on a challenge because we think it’s the right thing to do. At the heart of all this is our love for food and flavour, because we believe that looking after the environment where we grow our ingredients can only make them taste even better.

And we’ll go to any length, if it means tastier food on your plate.

* Our targets are at Unilever’s level. Our environmental targets are expressed on a “per consumer use” basis on a baseline of 2008. By “per consumer use”, we mean a single use, portion or serving of a product.

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