Bushells tea with its smooth full flavour has a long tradition of bringing Australians together for a chat over a good cuppa.

Always with you

Bushells Blue Label

Bushells tea has been a part of the fabric of Australian life since 1883. It is an iconic brand that generations of Aussies have grown up with.

Great tea since before Federation

We take the quality of our tea very seriously and are committed to providing the taste that Australians have come to know and love. Our support comes from the Australian community and in recognition of this we reinvest heavily in organisations that help ordinary Australians. We are extremely proud of our association with Driver Reviver, the road safety initiative, for over 10 years. Volunteers across the nation generously donate their time to serve free tea and snacks to combat driver fatigue and help Australians reach their holiday destinations safely.

Quality blends

Bushells tea is available in two great-tasting quality blends. The classic Blue Label is a well-rounded full flavoured tea for a good Australian cuppa. For those who like a strong taste, try Bushells Extra Strong tea.

Bushells Tea is not available in New Zealand.

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