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Lipton black tea from rainforest alliance certified farms

Our commitment to purchase tea from sustainable ethical sources.

Tea from sustainable ethical sources

hand holding glass mug of Lipton tea

The Rainforest Alliance is an independent organisation that works with individuals, communities and companies whose livelihoods depend on the land to reduce environmental impacts and increase social and economic benefits. All Lipton black and Green teas are 100% RA certified.

The rainforest alliance

The Rainforest Alliance has started the process of certifying the tea estates from which we source our Lipton Black tea - both those we own and those we buy from. They started with our own tea estate Lipton Tea Gardens in Kericho Kenya. After Kericho became certified in June 2007, The Rainforest Alliance started to work with other farms we buy from. To date, plantations in Kericho, Tanzania and India have been certified.

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