Our R&D centres

Our vitality mission is focusing us more than ever on helping people enjoy life to the full. Applying our strong science capabilities and deep consumer insights, we strive to contribute to quality of life and wellbeing

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Nutrition improves learning and memory in school children

A team of European scientists from Unilever together with colleagues from research institutes in Australia and Indonesia have demonstrated that nutrition can improve verbal learning and memory in school children.

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World class Research & Development facility

The Unilever Research & Development team have come together in a new world class facility. A bright open-plan office with new labs and kitchens has replaced the old offices and kitchens.

Our Vitality mission

Our Vision

We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others.

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Unilever Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre

The Safety Environment Assurance Centre based at Colworth, UK, is the independent and professional unit advancing as well as protecting Unilever's corporate reputation by assuring consumers, occupational safety and environmental care.

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Make sense of your skin cream

Your bathroom might be bursting with skincare products – but do you really know what all those ingredients do for your complexion? Be baffled no longer.

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Innovation born out of insight

Innovation enables us to meet people's needs and aspirations in ways that engage and appeal.