Streets Ice Cream

Streets Ice Cream brings joy and refreshment. With brands like Magnum, Paddle Pop, Blue Ribbon, Cornetto, Calippo, Bubble’o’Bill and Fruttare there is something for everyone.

Streets advertising from the 1920'sThe Streets ice cream tradition

Between WWI and WWII, Edwin (‘Ted’) Street with the help of his wife and brother laid the foundations (in Corrimal, NSW) for what would ultimately become Australia’s biggest and best-known ice cream manufacturer. Streets ice cream was originally made in the back shed by Ted. He would then sell these to neighbours along with sweets, cakes and lemonade. Popularity grew and he soon used a cart, then a one-horse- power motorbike to sell Streets ice cream. It continued to grow and today Streets ice cream is sold throughout Australia and New Zealand with well known brands such as Magnum, Paddle Pop and Blue Ribbon.

Bringing joy to life

Few foods are guaranteed to put a smile on people's faces like Streets ice cream. Ice cream products should always be fun, but we have supplemented ours with an ever-growing range of lower-fat, lower-sugar products. We have introduced a range of lighter versions of some of our favourite Streets ice cream brands. Although they contain less fat and fewer calories, they are as luscious as their classic partners! For example Blue Ribbon Light and Paddle Pop. For those wanting to enjoy their treats in smaller serve sizes, we have Magnum Minis. There's something for everyone!

Did you know?

Streets Magnum celebrating 25 yearsMagnum ice cream was the first ice cream on a stick especially for adults. Today, Magnum is one of the world's leading impulse ice cream brands, selling around 1 billion units a year.


Streets Paddle Pop LionPaddle Pop

The first flavour was chocolate, and sold for threepence! Chocolate remains the favourite, yet since it was first launched, over 100 flavours have been sold. Paddle Pop is now available in twenty countries.

Eat healthy, feel good

A balanced diet is a healthy diet. It’s all about eating the right types and quantities of a variety of foods. This will:

  • Ensure adequate intakes of all essential nutrients
  • Promote daily and long-term health and vitality
  • Help maintain a healthy weight       


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  • Calippo is the perfect way to cool down. All products contain 25% real fruit juice, giving them a natural fruity taste, and they are 99% fat free! A guilt-free treat that tastes great and really refreshes.

  • Experience a multi-sensory sensation with Streets Cornetto Enigma. Reveal Cornetto Enigma’s creamy swirls of flowing decadent soft sauce and bits within a crunchy wafer cone, all the way down to the big choc tip.

  • The Paddle Pop Lion encourages everyone to get outdoors, to celebrate their childhood and to have active fun!

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